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How can I stay in my rented home?

Worried Couple

Assuming you don't want to move to a lower quality of living any time soon, here are your options:

Types of Financial Assistance

  ♦ Credit Card Debt: In the past, Debt Consolidation was the general solution to reducing credit payments. This was done by lumping high interest loans together and paying them off with a single low interest rate Personal Loan, freeing up cash flow for other needs. Today, almost no one renting has enough credit left to qualify. A more aggressive approach today is Credit Card Debt Settlement, used for total credit card debt in excess of $10,000. This has been getting a lot of press lately, but not all companies do the same thing. The "free" or "consumer" services will not get you a principal reduction, and often don't even freeze your interest payments or fees. The better companies will, but they charge for the service. And please note that not all companies that charge a fee are worth the fee.  more ...

  ♦ Credit Repair: Have you been through the 'Credit Mill' and come out the other side feeling crushed? Have you climbed back up, but the Credit Agencies & Banks still won't trust you yet? Would you like to optimize your credit score as soon as possible? If so, check this out: "Improve My Credit"

  ♦ Bankruptcy: When you can't pay several of your creditors, not just the rent, then you may need the help of the court to get out of your dilemma. Explore every other option first; this should be your last resort. Bankruptcy could prevent you from getting into a new home when you want to move, and it will impact your credit more than any of the other options.  more ...

Types of Legal Assistance

  ♦ Stop an Eviction: When you can't pay your rent, you have a dilemma; the property owner will be backed by the courts almost every time. On the other hand, if there is some other motivation behind it, you may have a chance. An ongoing feud between renter and management or property owner will also destroy the quality of life you have grown comfortable with; and may therefore not be worth the trouble. But if you wish to pursue your legal options anyway, here are a few suggestions.  more ...

Relocation Assistance

  ♦ Moving Up For Less: My options don't look too promising. Is it possible to find some place better than what we have, for less money than we are now spending?  more ...

To better understand which option is best for you, the headlines above have direct links to more information on this website - for your convenience.

Integrity Policy:
We personally believe in Karma - what goes around always comes back around. We do our best to help in any way we can. If we give a referral, it will only be with companies that have proven their reliability. If we can't help, we will tell you so without wasting time. The bottom line is that we won't recommend anything we haven't checked out and don't fully believe in. We are not lawyers and have no idea why all the disclaimers are so complicated, but our advisors insist that they be there. We have great respect for your privacy. For more information please review the links below.

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