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Getting the best price for my house

Foreclosure Sign

Would you like to sell your home for what it's worth?

(Giving you the opportunity to buy a more affordable one!)

If so, and your house is underwater, check out Plan B.

Plan B - My House Is Underwater!

Have I been coming up just a little bit short every month, and now find myself getting eaten up like sinking in quicksand?
My House Is Underwater
When you owe much more on your mortgage than the house is worth, and you can't afford to keep it, the bank may prefer to foreclose on you rather than work something out. Selling your home over time will allow you to get much more for your house than it is currently worth. This won't destroy your credit; but just walking away from your house will.

Basically, if you Rent-to-Own your house, your Leasee won't mind paying more than current market (allowing you to keep up your mortgage payments) if they know they will have an opportunity to buy it at a later date. And without the extra time, it would be impossible to resell your home at the price you want ... courtesy of the current actual market value.

What does this mean to me?

Would it help me if I could trade my current home for a similar one at a current market reflecting lower price? Would this allow me to catch up, and take the stress out of my fiscal life?

Rental Contract
We have access to homes like this, and may have one that is just right for you!
If you are interested in finding out more, please let us know by taking advantage of our Contact Page.

I Would Rather Price My Home and Try To Get It Sold
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