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Would you like to sell your home for what it's worth yourself?

(Giving you the opportunity to buy a more affordable one!)
Successful Sale of Home

If so, and you don't want to pay a realtor a commission, follow this link to test the current market:

What If I Have Little To No Equity!

My House Is Underwater

When you owe about the same on your mortgage as the house is worth, and you can't afford to keep it, the bank is not likely to let you refinance it.

Hoping a realtor can sell your home quickly at full value may also be difficult considering the current slump in housing prices. Unfortunately, even if a realtor is successful, the commissions you will have to pay out will have to come out of your pocket in the end. And of course, just walking away from a house you can no longer afford may destroy your credit.

What does this mean to me?

Would it help me if I could trade my current home for a similar one at a current market reflecting lower price? Can I sell my current house at or near it's value, then buy another house with a more affordable mortgage? Would this allow me to catch up, and take the stress out of my fiscal life?

If so, follow this link to test the current market:
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