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A nice home for sale

I want to buy a home,
but will need some creative financing to do so!

Let's keep this simple ...

The world of financing has changed, and banks are under more and more regulation ... to a point that stifles them ... and it trickles down to all of us. What this means for us, the consumer, is that fewer and fewer of us will qualify for the loans we used to take for granted.

The solution? Bypass the banks as much as possible, and work directly with each other ... when we can.

Man carrying a house

There are 10-million homeowners in America with no-equity,
who are not in default with the bank,
and wish they could downsize to make their life more affordable,
but have not been able to sell their house in the current market;
so they feel stuck.

Man holding up a rock

There are now about 85-million Americans, possibly like yourself,
who want to buy a home, but can't because their banks won't lend to them under the current banking guidelines.

Some of these 85-million Americans have wrecked credit,
but now have good jobs; and others would have qualified before,
but now they simply can't get traditional loans due to circumstances created by the Great Recession.

Here at Real Prop Solutions we have a way to help both of these home shoppers find a home they want, and can afford to buy.

Keys to house with paperwork

If this sounds like you, please take the time to ask yourself:
Could I get a bank mortgage now if I want to?

If yes, you may still want to stay on this page for creative financing;
or you may find a deal you like on this other page!

If no, then ask yourself the following questions:

Income to Debt balance

1. What payments can I realistically afford?

  • Am I struggling with my current rent/mortgage?
  • How much more/less can I afford right now?
  • Am I expecting a change in that very soon?

Cash in Envelope

2. Do I have a good down payment saved up?

  • Yes, I've been looking to buy a home for some time.
  • No, the idea to buy a home is rather recent.
  • Or, circumstances have made that nearly impossible.

Big rock through roof

3. Do I have a good reason for my current credit dings?

  • What happened?
  • How long ago was it?
  • Has it beeen resolved?

Credit Cards in hand

4. Will I have a reasonable chance of getting a traditional mortgage in 1-2 years?

  • Am I back on track?
  • Is my current income stable?
  • Am I paying down my bills?

Professional Woman

5. Am I willing to work with an expert to improve my credit score?

  • Have I been turned down for credit recently?
  • Am I currently behind on any bills?
  • Do I know what my current credit scores are?


6. Would my integrity survive a background check?

  • Have I been evicted for any reason?
  • How good are my references?
  • Do my friends believe in me?


7. Would I really rather own than rent?

I can continue to pay my monthly rent and own nothing ... or I can pay the same amount and own; which would I prefer?

Or should I ask myself just how badly I want to own my home?

Home with Storm Coming

8. If the house I want for my own, currently has no equity in it, and I have not yet saved up a 20% down payment to buy it, would I be willing to lease that house for a time (with some of the rent going towards my future down payment,) while saving up for a later purchase at a pre-agreed fair price?

House Underwater

9. If the house I want to own is currently in an underwater loan, would I be willing to lease (with the option to buy later at a pre-agreed fair price) during the necessary time required for the house's appraised value to cover the current homeowner's loan balance?

Cash and Ruler

Whether you have excellent credit or not, you may not have saved up the 20% down payment required to get a mortgage in today's economy. This is your opportunity to lease the home you want to buy, giving you an opportunity to get into that house of your dreams now, at a price you will be able to afford, and giving you the time necessary to save up for that mortgage at a later (more convenient) time.

Finding opportunities like this can be difficult to do on your own. Real Prop Solutions is here to help you access the 'Lease now and Purchase later' opportunities in your area. We will help you deal directly with the seller, allowing you to bypass the bank.

Opportunities like this do get snapped up quickly, so if your answers to the above questions are making you feel good about moving forward, please send us a note in the message box below, including your name, the best way to contact you (and when), and what you are looking for.

Odds are, we can help you get it!

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This sounds interesting, and I'd like to hear more!


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