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Real Solutions:
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We want to help people get out of their housing, financial, and real estate complications as painlessly as possible. The economy and the housing industry are not recovering as promised. But there is something we can do about it. This is a Full Service website. Please refer to our Sitemap or the drop-down menu above if you don't see what you are looking for.

Our Program:
Distressed Property We are here to help Distressed Homeowners, Banks with non-performing assets, Home Seekers and Investors find working solutions.

What We Do:
Underwater Homes Real Solutions will serve as a diversified hub for distressed Americans.  By being involved in multiple sides of the equation, Real Solutions performs crisis management as it solves complex real estate and financial problems - by finding homeowners with insurmountable financial complications and matching them with families needing a home, or to investment oriented buyers on a wholesale platform. We can also help families recover and keep their homes.

Why Is This Important:
The Credit Crisis There are many millions of Americans facing financial and real estate problems.   We intend to help some of them help themselves.  And we expect to help others as well.

There are over 10-million sellers in the U.S. that have little to no equity in their homes.  These American families want to sell their homes, but can't.

There are roughly 85-million potential buyers who want to buy a home, but because of the tough lending environment, they can't qualify for a traditional loan.

With millions of additional homes in the 'Shadow Inventory' due to the enormous number of bank foreclosed and held properties, there will be an extended dip in housing values.  This housing market also creates a unique buyer's market for investors.  Real Solutions will facilitate the matching of these sellers and buyers, and collect a small 'Assignment Fee' in exchange for this service.

Who Are Our Customers:
A Worried Couple Are you one of the above mentioned people looking for help?

Real Solutions is based in the Bay Area of California; where all of the houses are valued significantly higher than in most of the United States, but we can also help out in other localities.   Due to the current deflated market, many homes have mortgages that are 'underwater'.  As this condition has made most of these troubled homeowners 'untouchable' by traditional investors, we are viewing it as a relatively untapped market.

What makes our approach unique is that we can help non-homeowners in addition to being a platform for both seller and buyer with financial and housing needs ... making it easier for them all to find each other.  Please feel free to look around, we have options for just about anything real estate or financial related.

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